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We appreciate that fundraising for Capital projects can be a long process, often requiring much documentation to be in place before funds can be granted and released. Our intention is that our grant can be awarded early, as an encouragement to the Parish and to other potential donors.

We accept applications when the Parochial Church Council has agreed to proceed and the project has been scoped and costed with the help of an Architect and after reference to the Diocesan Advisory Committee where the project is subject to Faculty Jurisdiction Rules.

As the work will not be contracted until all permissions are in place and the project is fully funded, our grant can be released as soon as the work has started, in time for presentation of the first Contractor's invoice.



'We will not neglect the house of our God' Nehemiah 10:29

'Zeal for your house consumes me' Psalm 69:9; John 2:17


The Colchester Churches Charitable Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Registered number 1196920